"These car-sized wasps are relatively elusive unless they are laying their eggs. At those times, they are very protective of the eggs and can be quite dangerous. Even more dangerous to humans, however, are the Vespinox larvae. The larva likes to plant itself in humans until it grows into its wasp form. If the larva is allowed to become a full Vespinox, its human host will perish."
―The Troop official site's description of the Vespinox

Pajama Game...of Death
The Great Punkin
The Next Stop: Lakewood


6'-8' high, 14'-18' long


600-850 lbs

Special Abilities:

Deadly stinger
Deadly larva
Spews poisonous web

Vespinox are large, wasp-like monsters which lay eggs that can invade a human host.


Pajama Game...of DeathEdit

A Vespinox lays eggs under the Lakewood High stands and attacks the Troop when they search for it. The Vespinox, however, is neutralized when Felix blasts it with the Pulse Cannon, causing it to explode.

Jake and Felix manage to contain the Vespinox eggs, but not before one of them hatches a larva which invades cheerleader Roxanne. During Hayley's slumber party, the Vespinox takes over Roxanne, eats two of Hayley's cats alive and attacks Hayley.

Using the Freeze Ray, Jake blasts Roxanne, forcing the juvenile Vespinox out of her, which Hayley and Mr. Stockley then shoot down and trap under a net.

The Great PunkinEdit

A Vespinox (possibly the one which invaded Roxanne) is among the captive monsters which escape courtesy of a power failure. It is seen escaping with the other monsters.

It was presumably recaptured with the other monsters.

The Next Stop: LakewoodEdit


The juvenile Vespinox emerging from Roxanne

The Vespinox is released by Fraido and Gus along with the other captive monsters. It was presumably recaptured.


Vespinox are elusive in the air and usually fly very high.

When a Vespinox is protecting its eggs, however, it will fly very low, and act very dangerously towards passers-by.



The Vespinox larva is a green, maggot-like creature about the size of a mouse, the juvenile is yellowish-brown, wasp-like monster the size of a large dog, and the full adult is identical to the juvenile, except it is the size of a man.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Vespinox each have a four-foot stinger to use for attacks, can spew poisonous webs at prey to entrap them, and deadly larvae which gestate within, take over, and eventually destroy, a human host. ​​Life Cycle

Vespinox growing in host

Vespinox growing in Roxanne

An adult Vespinox lays eggs, and a Vespinox larva will hatch from each egg.

Each newly hatched larva will seek out and plant itself inside a host. Over the course of 8 hours, the larva will gestate into a juvenile Vespinox and invade the host, taking over its mind. Symptoms a Vespinox host may show are:


  • Devouring live animals
  • Black eyes
  • Changing hair colour
  • Ability to spew Vespinox webs

According to the Troop Grid, once the Vespinox matures into a full adult, it will burst from its host, killing it.


Vespinox fly very low when protecting their eggs, which can prove to be their downfall. The Blaster also causes Vespinox to explode, and a Vespinox can lose control like a helicopter or a plane if one of its wings is immobilized mid-flight.

Low temperatures can also force a Vespinox out of its host before it fully matures.


  • The Vespinox apparently has a similar biology to ordinary wasps, as Vespinox goo triggers Felix's allergy to bees and wasps.
  • According to Jake in Tentacle Face, Lance Donovan is awarded for defeating a Vespinox.
  • The Vespinox´s face resembles The computer videogame Spore
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