Troop Grid
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Monitors monster activity worldwide
Can track or detect monsters
Allows Troops worldwide to communicate

The Troop Grid is a vast computer used by the Troop to track and monitor monster activity and communicate with each other across the globe. It comes in two versions: a massive, computer-like version which constantly monitors worldwide monster activity and which each Troop has one of in HQ, and a smaller, handheld version which each Troop member has for tracking and detecting monsters at close range.

It is also shown that Troop Grids can be extremely dangerous, as, in the hands of a human enemy of the Troop, the Grid can be used against the Troop. It was also shown in Through the Looking Glass that the Troop Grid possesses a unique frequency. Due to the frequency, if a portable Troop Grid is lost into the Monster Dimension, it will cause a portal between the two worlds to open. This portal will not close until the missing Troop Grid is either returned to the Human World or destroyed.