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The Troop is a secret society that protects the world from monsters and creatures.


There have been Troop from ancient times always consisting of teenagers in high school, and the organizations purpose is to keep the world safe from monsters. There are Troop's all over the country. There are some known Troops in Lakewood, Japan and Dublin.

Known BranchesEdit

  • Lakewood Troop - The Troop stationed in the town of Lakewood, USA. The Lakewood branch apparently has a reputation as effective monster hunters among the rest of the Troop.
  • Japan Troop - The Troop stationed in Japan. The Japan Troop apparently has highly advanced technology, even by Troop standards.
  • Tulsa Troop - The Troop stationed in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Stillwater Troop - The Troop stationed in the town of Stillwater, USA.
  • Dutch Troop - The Troop stationed in the Netherlands. They are apparently considered vicious and are even feared by other Troops, such as the Lakewood and Japan branches.
  • Hawaii Troop - The Troop stationed in Hawaii.
  • Finland Troop - The Troop stationed in Finland.


Known MembersEdit

Lakewood TroopEdit

Tulsa TroopEdit

Japan TroopEdit

Troop InternationalEdit


Monster ConEdit

Each Troop has a Monster Con system, the current Monster Con depending on the monster activity and/or the threat posed by monsters:

  • Monster Con 5: No monster activity
  • Monster Con 4: Unknown
  • Monster Con 3: Monster incursion that does not greatly threaten the Troop
  • Monster Con 2: Monster incursion that poses an unusually great threat
  • Monster Con 1: World-threatening monster incursion


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