A Sniff Too Far


5-6 feet



Special Abilities:

Excellent sense of smell

Sniffers are incredibly annoying humanoid monsters with an excellent sense of smell.


At an unknown point, a Sniffer was captured by the Lakewood Troop.

A Sniff Too FarEdit

Jake and Kirby offer the captive Sniffer freedom if he helps them sniff out a Flaying Pincher Mole's nest. After constantly annoying Jake and Kirby, and sniffing several stenches around the school, the Sniffer leads them to the Pincher Mole's nest, where they are attacked and captured by baby Pincher Moles. However, they are able to break free and destroy the Moles.

Jake, Hayley and Kirby then allow the Sniffer to return to the Monster World. However, the Sniffer returns as the monsters in the Other World don't want him there, and after Kirby pushes the Sniffer back into the Monster Dimension several times only for him to come back, the portal closes.

Later, when Amsterdam is heavily attacked by Flaying Pincher Moles, Kirby sends the Sniffer there to help the Amsterdam Troop sniff out the Pincher Mole nests.



The Sniffer in his cell

The Sniffer from A Sniff Too Far was shown to be very disgusting and extremely annoying. Whether all Sniffers or just this one have these personality traits is unknown.



A Sniffer resembles a human, except it has pointed ears, large, ape-like legs, and a long tail with three nostrils on the end.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Sniffers have a keener sense of smell than any other creature in any known dimension.

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