"The "slithering" part of its name is actually a misnomer. The Bantoo doesn't slither; it crawls on over 4000 little legs... very quickly. Its attack is direct, using 24 long fangs that suck the innards from the victim. "
―The Troop official site's description of the Slithering Fanged Bantoo

Slithering Fanged Bantoo
Slithering fanged bantoo



4' tall; 40' long


2500-4000 lbs

Special Abilities:

Quick attack
Sucks the innards of its victims

Slithering Fanged Bantoos are long, giant, centipede-like monsters which have over 4,000 legs and twenty-four long fangs. Bantoos use their fangs to suck out their victims' innards.


  • Felix stated in "Taming of the Cube" that the Slithering Fanged Bantoo is one of three monsters (alongside the Gelatinous Cube) that leaves no clothes or other remains of its victims. However, as Bantoos only eat their victims' innards, they would presumably leave the victim's corpse and clothes.