"A three-legged scorpion monster with a deadly stinger."
―The Troop official site's description of the Oculypse

Batteries Not Included
The Next Stop: Lakewood
This Bird You Cannot Change


4 feet


60-80 lbs

Special Abilities:

Venom causes death or paralysis
Produces incendiary pods

Oculypses are scorpion-like monsters which can paralyze their victims with their stinger, and can lay incendiary pods.


At an unknown point, two or three Oculypses were captured by the Lakewood Troop.

Batteries Not IncludedEdit

When Jake and Felix take their eyes off the captive Oculypse's container, it manages to escape and paralyze Mr. Stockley. It then escapes from Troop HQ into Lakewood High, where it lays incendiary pods all over the school after attacking many students.

to be continued

The Next Stop: LakewoodEdit

A captive Oculypse is released by Fraido and Gus along with the other captive monsters. It was presumably recaptured.

This Bird You Cannot ChangeEdit

A captive baby Oculypse escapes and travels in Kirby's backpack to the Lakewood mall. When the Oculypse emerges from Kirby's backpack, Hayley swipes it off, and Jake blasts it. Cadence walks in, finished changing into a dress, and the blasted Oculypse explodes into purple goo all over her.



The Oculypse resembles a scorpion, with a blue shell, seven eyes on stalks, three legs, and a long, whip-like tail ending in a red, scorpion-like stinger.

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Oculypse's venom causes death or paralysis and the monster also produces incindiary pods which are triggered by sunlight and can act as explosives against the Oculypse's enemies. The goo produced by the explosion acts as a acid to melt its victims ( It has no teeth, according to Mr. Stockley, as mentioned in Batteries Not Included).


The Oculypse can be stopped by simply containing its incendiary pods.


also many fans mistake that the oculypse had 4 legs on the back and not 3

Oculypsen waren eine neu entdeckte Monsterart, da Felix in Batterien Not Included erwähnte, das der Computer die Art nicht identivicieren konnte

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