"The Locht is considered one of the most dangerous and conniving monsters around. Not only is it extremely powerful, it is also able to disguise itself as a human. Their true form is troll-like, with two mouths - the eating one in the belly, and the spitting one on top of what we'd consider their actual head."
―The Troop official site's description of the Locht

The Substitute
The Next Stop: Lakewood


6-8 feet


275-350 lbs

Special Abilities:

Extreme strength
Great cunning and intelligence

Lochts are dangerous, shapeshifting monsters. They are intelligent, cunning, and highly dangerous.



When disguised as a human, a Locht is completely identical, except for a second face on its stomach.


A Locht in Bianca Stonehouse's form

In their true form, Lochts are humanoid monsters with crooked noses and chins, pink skin, which wear body paints and loincloths. Each Locht also has a second face on its stomach which it uses to eat food, and spike-like appendages running along their ears.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Lochts have great strength, cunning and intelligence and can take the shape of humans and other humanoid creatures.


The armpits of the Locht is apparently its weak spot. They also don't know anything about that person and people can find it out if the try to eat something.


  • A running gag is if a person says 'Locht', he usually spits on the other person.
  • Though it is unknown why, the Locht in The Next Stop: Lakewood, while under Gus's control, appeared to use Dr. Brandenburg's form as a "default" form.
  • Mistake: Dieses Monster war ein Vercingetorix und kein Locht.
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