Lance Donovan


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Tentacle Face

Potrayed by:

Jean-Luc Bilodeau


The Troop
Monster hunting


Leaving the Troop


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Lance Donovan is the most highly awarded member to date and spent years trying to capture a Behemoth to gain the ultimate Troop honor, but he soon became too old to fight monsters, (as they had begun to scare him) and Jake had to destroy the Behemoth instead. He then becomes a Troop leader so that even though he cannot fight monsters, he can still pass on his wisdom and stay active.


Lance is the most awarded Troop member to date, for many honours, which include defeating three Repticores and a Vespinox. Lance spent many years trying to capture a Behemoth as the ultimate Troop honour (discovering the monster's craving for frozen lasagne along the way), but eventually became too old to hunt monsters, and was easily scared by them.

Tentacle FaceEdit

Lance eventually came to Lakewood in search of a Behemoth, where he saved Jake, his greatest fan, from a Kaiju.

to be continued

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