"Although small, these creatures are quite deadly, as they love to strangle their victims to death. Much care should be taken when destroying, as the Kaiju's tentacles are able to continue to live separately from its body."
―The Troop official site's description of the Kaiju

The Great Punkin
Tentacle Face
The Next Stop: Lakewood
It's All in the Game


0.8-5 feet


1000-2000 lbs

Special Abilities:

Extremely agile

Kaiju are small, but deadly, monsters which strangle their victims with their tentacles. They have a symbiotic relation with Mind Leeches.


At an unknown point, a Kaiju was captured by the Lakewood Troop.

The Great PunkinEdit

The captive Kaiju is among the captive monsters which escape courtesy of a power failure. It is seen escaping with the other monsters.

It is presumably recaptured with the other monsters.

Tentacle FaceEdit

The Troop chase a Kaiju through the forest, and attempt to capture it. It attempts to attack Jake, but is vapourized by Lance Donovan.

Before Lance destroyed the Kaiju, however, one of its tentacles detached from its body and latched onto Felix's head.

Felix constantly tries to get the tentacle off, but when Hayley tries to scare the tentacle off with a Screaming Tree Weasel, the tentacle viciously attacks the Weasel and almost strangles Felix in the process until Hayley sedates it.

Eventually, the tentacle detaches from Felix's head, but leaves an ugly-looking bulge on his forehead.

The Next Stop: LakewoodEdit

A Kaiju is attracted to the Lakewood Mental Hospital by Gus's monster magnet, along with a Quadro-Gob and a Locht, and attacks and presumaby kills the doctors there.

It's All in the GameEdit

The presence of gamers possessed by a Mind Leech causes three Kaiju cross to the Human World and attack. Jake and Hayley blast the trio, killing one and forcing the other two to retreat back through the portal they came through, which closes behind them.


A Kaiju about to attack Kirby

In the same episode, for the same reason, the two Kaiju which survived the previous incursion attack a video game convention, but are once again forced back into their world by Jake and Kirby.

A group of possessed gamers, including Jake, arrive at the same location of the first Kaiju crossing, where the same two Kaiju arrive from the Monster World to consume them. However, Hayley and Kirby arrive in time to destroy the two Kaiju.


Kaiju are vicious monsters, and use their tentacles to strangle their victims.



Kaiju are small with reddish-pink skin, two double-jointed legs, and, in place of a body from the waist-up, five squid-like tentacles which each end in an eyeball.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Kaiju are extremely agile, and their tentacles can separate from their bodies and act independently.


Kaiju have a small size.


  • Kaiju is a Japanese word that means "strange beast" or "unusual animal," but often translated as "monster."
  • A running gag is that Jake keeps mispronouncing the Kaiju's name as "Kaeju"; Hayley then pronounces it correctly for him, but Jake and Felix mistake it for a sneeze.
  • In the episode, "It's All in the Game", the Kaiju is shown to have a symbiotic relationship with the Mind Leech.
  • The Kaiju is one of most recurring monsters in the show, if not the most recurring except for the Snark.
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