"These little-understood creatures seek out large areas of discord. Their insect-like spawn then bore themselves into nearby human brains, turning the victims into passive and happy zombies."
―The Troop official site's description of the Hive Monster
Hive Monster
Hive Monster

The Next Stop: Lakewood


6-9 feet



Special Abilities:

Can invade humans, turning the victims into happy zombies

Hive Monsters are monsters which carry swarms of, and act as hives for, Swarm Monsters.



A Hive Monster releases a swarm of Spawn Monsters into Lakewood which take over everyone there except Jake, Hayley and Felix due to their Vespinox inocullations, and Mr. Stockley due to his absence at the time of the swarm invasion.

Mr. Stockley eventually discovers the Hive Monster outside of Lakewood and alerts Jake, Hayley and Felix, who arrive at the scene.

The Hive Monster attacks, but is frozen by Felix. However, the Hive Monster begins to generate heat and starts to thaw out. Before the Hive Monster can fully thaw however, Felix plants an explosive on the Hive Monster which detonates, destroying it.

With the Hive Monster's destruction, the swarm dies and their hosts revert to normal.

The Next Stop: LakewoodEdit

A captive Hive Monster is released by Fraido and Gus along with the other captive monsters. It was presumably recaptured.


Swarms Monsters (the Hive Monster's spawn) are attracted to areas of discord and burrow into discorded victims' brains.



Swarm Monsters look like swarms of thousands of tiny, black insects.

The Hive Monsters, however, look like skinny humanoids with red eyes, purple-green skin (black eyes and grey-brown skin in "The Next Stop: Lakewood"), and hive-like structures on their backs which produce swarm monsters.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Hive Monsters can produce large Swarms, which can burrow into human victims' brains. However, the host becomes mindlessly happy, and over time, the Swarm Monsters' residence in human brains cause the host brains to eventually corrode.


Hive Monsters can be destroyed by explosives, and if the Hive Monster of a Swarm dies, the Swarm dies with it. Also, Vespinox inocullations appear to also inocullate Swarm Monsters.


  • Apparently, the Troop knows very little about the Hive Monsters.
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