"This adorable creature uses its cute appearance to attract victims. But be careful. If you get too close, it'll eat you up in an instant."
―The Troop official site's description of the Hideocute

Hayley and Felix on the Side


1-1.5 ft


10-20 lbs

Special Abilities:

Enormous appetite
Disarming cuteness

Hideocutes are adorable, bunny-like monsters. Despite their cute appearance, they have a voracious appetite.


Hayley and Felix on the SideEdit

A Hideocute was infected by a Two-Headed Zylork and discovered by Jake, Hayley and Felix.

Hayley falls for the Hideocute's cuteness until she moves too close to the Hideocute and it attempts to attack her. Jake then restrains the Hideocute (despite its vicious attacks on him) long enough to force it into a pet basket. They then escape the factory with the captive Hideocute.

Mr. Stockley attempts to extract the captive Hideocute's blood to create an antidote to Zylork venom, but falls for its cuteness, causing the Hideocute to ty to escape its container to attack him. This results in Mr. Stockley's fear and panic causing a series of simultaneous mishaps which result in the Hideocute escaping and chewing through an air vent, through the ventilation shafts into the school.

Mr. Stockley eventually tracks the Hideocute to a classroom and, while trying to capture it without being eaten by it, unintentionally scares the Hideocute off, only for it to become trapped under a box.

Mr. Stockley attempts to extract blood from the recaptured and restrained Hideocute, but the tube slips off the needle, causing the Hideocute to bleed to death.


A Hideocute will usually simply sit where it is, but once a victim goes near it, it will try to eat them unless they move away from it before it can attack.



The Hideocute resembles a very cute bunny, but when it attacks a victim, its eyes will turn red and it will grow large fangs. Hideocutes also have thick, orange blood.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Hideocutes are extremely cute. According to Felix, Hideocutes are also the monster world's equivalent to skunks. Hideocutes also smell terrible, unless they are infected with Zylork venom, in which case, they will smell like delicious food.

Hideocute blood is also one of the main ingredients for an antidote to Zylork venom.


If a Hideocute suffers massive blood loss, its body will deflate like a balloon and it will die.


The Hideocute is probably based off of the Killer Bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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