"A relatively benign creature, they are useful for any Troop as they can be used to detect danger (they emit a foul odor when danger's near). They also have a lovely singing voice, which is surprising, since they look a great deal like a pile of poo."
―The Troop official site's description of the Gleegor

There Is No "I" in Monster Hunter
The Good, the Bad, and the Ickie Doll
The Prisoner of Lakewood


8 inches


10-15 pounds

Special Abilities:

Detects danger
Beautiful singer

Gleegors are poo-like monsters which give off a horrible stench when danger is near.


At an unknown point, a Gleegor was captured by the Lakewood Troop.

There Is No "I" in Monster HunterEdit

Jake shovelled the Gleegor out of its cell, mistaking it for a pile of monster poo.

When Jake is dragging the Gleegor through the HQ control hub in a wheelbarrow, Hayley and Felix notice Jake's mistake and reveal it. Upon noticing, Jake returns the Gleegor to its cell.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ickie DollEdit

Felix uses the Gleegor as an alarm in case the unguarded captive monsters escape during his Christmas Annual, since he was using the secuirity system robot as a makeshift Santa.

Later, on Christmas Night, the Gleegor is seen singing to the possessed Ickie Dolls' capture.

The Prisoner of LakewoodEdit

As his first challenge, Kirby is challenged to defeat the captive Gleegor in physical combat. However, the Gleegor is able to easily and comically overpower Kirby.

The Gleegor is later transferred to a rural area by a Troop disposal team, where it is thrown through a portal back into the Monster World.



The Gleegor resembles a pile of dark-green poo with two eyes and a mouth. It is also shown in The Prisoner of Lakewood that Gleegors can produce arms and fists for physical combat.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Gleegors give off a noxious odour when danger is near. They also have beautiful singing voices.


Gleegors are immobile monsters, and are virtually defenceless, save for their retractable fists.

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