"Twice the size of a human, these powerful creatures are invisible. They do not, however, have much of an independent mind: they imprint themselves on a human host and do the human's bidding. Very dangerous monsters, Doulos have killed several Troop members throughout the Troop's history."
―The Troop official site's description of the Doulos

No More Master Nice Guy


10-15 feet


800-1000 pounds

Special Abilities:

Extremely strong

Douloses are large, powerful, invisible monsters which serve the first human they see.


No More Master Nice GuyEdit

In 1952, a Doulos was captured by the Lakewood Troop, but the monster was able to kill one of them in the process. This was apparently the first recorded capture of a Doulos. Due to the Doulos's power and danger, it posed too much of a threat to the other captive monsters, and thus was locked in a containment cell in an abandoned ice-cream factory, where it remained for almost 58 years.

In the present day, Gus discovers the Doulos's containment cell and retreats from a gang of bullies inside. As Gus is the first human it sees since its capture, the Doulos imprints on Gus as its master and throws the bullies out of the cell, scaring them off.

Upon revealing itself to Gus and declaring him its master, the Doulos tells Gus about the Troop and its past with them.

Gus uses the Doulos to gain power and status among his classmates and make the bullies scared of him (through having the Doulos throw one of them across the cafeteria and smash the table, and make it looked like Gus did it all). Later, when Hayley discovers the Doulos and thus Gus realises she is part of the Troop, he and the Doulos kidnap her and return to the factory.

When Jake and Felix arrive, Gus orders the Doulos to throw Felix into a stack of barrels and then attack Jake. However, the Doulos is covered in candy by a candy machine during the chase, allowing the others to see it. Despite this, the Doulos still manages to capture Jake, and is about to kill Jake, but Felix is able to knock Gus down before he can give the command. Without its master's commands, the Doulos can't decide what to do, confusing it long enough for Jake to blast a sign, which falls on the Doulos and knocks it unconscious.

The Doulos was presumably recaptured after.




The Doulos reveals itself to Gus, its master

The Doulos has dark-grey skin, black eyes, double-jointed legs, muscular arms with three fingers each, and two large horns on its head.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Each Doulos is invisible, except to its master. They are also very strong and dangerous, and can speak English in deep, gruff voices. Douloses are also apparently able to either survive decades without food and water, or enter a hibernaton cycle, as one was locked in a containment cell for over half a century.


A Doulos is dependent on its master, as it can't make even the most basic decision without a master.


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